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Organic farm and four star hotel

Ever since the beginning of the Pichlmayrgut the hotel was connected to a farm with its animals. This fact hasn’t changed until today.

A farm and a four star hotel, how can this match? Some of you might wonder if this is a good combination. But we never had a doubt and can say – Yes of course it is possible!

Traditional huts in Filzmoos, Austria
Our hut in Filzmoos

The animals at the Pichlmayrgut in Styria

About 50 meters behind the hotel village you will find our both stables where the cows, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, guinea pigs and rabbits live. Our 100 cows are kept in mother cow system.

Alp animals

During the warm season in summer, the cows spend their time at our alp in Filzmoos. Here they can enjoy their summer resort at lush grassland and eat healthy mountain herbs. This special and high class nutrition leads to a very high quality of the meat.

At the Hotel Pichlmayrgut a big part of the beef which is processed in the kitchen derives from our farm. So we can guarantee our guests that the dishes have regional origins and that they know where the basic products come from.

The petting zoo at the Pichlmayrgut

But not only our cuisine profits from our own agriculture, for our little guests we have an own petting zoo where they can play and cuddle with the pets or also can help with the feeding of the animals. In summer you can find the animals directly at the field next to the hotel and in winter they have a separate stable. The contact to the little friends is a special highlight for all young guests but the animals are also looking forward to their visit.

Happy and healthy animals

Since 2007 we have a new freestall for our cows on the latest standard. In this new stable the cows have more space to move. Especially in the cold season it is very important for the animals to have the ability for enough movement and not to be chained at one place. The new freestall is important for the health and well-being of the animals and helps them to get through winter without stress.

Happy days on the farm

Do you also want to spend happy and stress-free days at the four star hotel Pichlmayrgut near Schladming? You can book your comfort room at the farm now online or you can send a no obligation enquiry with your wishes.