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Travelling by plane

Travelling by plane – Hotel Pichlmayrgut in Styria

For a journey by plane Salzburg Airport is your best choice. Munich Airport is also located fairly nearby. To continue your journey from the airport you can make use of taxis, rental cars or the shuttle service. 

Wellness and spa hotel Pichlmayrgut
Hotel Pichlmayrgut in Styria

The journey time from Salzburg to reach the Hotel Pichlmayrgut is approximately 1 hour. For this distance you have a number of possibilities to choose from. At the airport a number of taxis and buses are available. You can also choose from various car rentals, if you want to travel in style choose a car by the car rental company Blue Box. The hotel shuttle service also picks you up from the airport.

The journey time from Munich to Styria is approximately 2 hours. Again a number of taxis and bus services are available at the airport. Should you want to make use of the Hotel Pichlmayrgut shuttle service please inform the hotel team in good time of your arrival times.

Apartments, double rooms or single rooms – at the wellness hotel Pichlmayrgut you will stay in stylish holiday accommodation. Best request your choice of room straight away.