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Travelling by car

Travelling to Pichl in Styria by car

Even during winter you will be able to reach the Hotel Pichlmayrgut near Schladming effortlessly. Find the easiest route for your dream holiday in Styria here.

  • Munich/Salzburg
    Coming from Salzburg use the A10 Tauernautobahn driving towards Villach. Take the exit marked Altenmarkt/Radstadt (exit 63) and leave the Autobahn. Use the Bundesstrasse 320 towards Graz. After 38 kilometres you will reach the Hotel Pichlmayrgut.
  • Villach:
    Coming from Villach use the A10 Tauernautobahn towards Salzburg. Leave the Autobahn at the exit marked Altenmarkt/Radstadt and continue driving on the Bundesstrasse towards Graz. 38 kilometres down the road you will find the Hotel Pichlmayrgut.
  • Graz:
    Coming from Graz you can use the Ennstalbundesstrasse until you reach Pichl. The route will lead you through Liezen and Schladming until you reach the Pichlmayrgut estate.
Travelling by car to Schladming
Travelling to Pichl next to Schladming

Please note that if you use the Austrian Autobahn a Vignette is obligatory. The toll stickers can be purchased at Gas stations and Cigarette shops. The different time frames available are: 10 days, 2 months and 1 year. During winter the roads are usually cleared of snow swiftly, though you should always drive with winter tyres in Austria.

A wonderful drive through Austria will expect you. And when reaching your holiday destination the 4 star Hotel Pichlmayrgut will welcome you in style in the beautiful region Schladming-Dachstein. Your car can be parked in the free underground garage.

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