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Outdoor saltwater pool & whirlpool

Outdoor saltwater pool & whirlpool at the relaxing Hotel Pichlmayrgut

Indulge yourself with the power of water in the pools at the Pichlmayrgut Alpine Spa. Throughout the whole year the heated outdoor saltwater pool is open to you. The whirlpool inside is just right for effervescent wellness pleasure.

Romance and wellness in Schladming
Wellness & Romance at the hotel Pichlmayrgut

Relaxation at Wellness and Spa Hotel in Styria

The water world at Hotel Pichlmayrgut provide a fantastic wellness experience during your wellness holiday near Schladming in Austria. One of the highlights at the Alpine Spa is certainly the outdoor saltwater pool. The outdoor pool is located on the gloriously sunny south hillside of the hotel village resort. The saltwater spa, as its name suggests, has an increased salt level, which has positive effects on blood circulation. Saltwater is beneficial for those suffering from rheumatic problems, skin diseases, metabolic diseases and many more health issues.

Apart from its health benefits the saltwater pool also works wonders for relaxing body and mind. The outdoor saltwater pool is open to you both in summer and winter. A waterfall will work wonders for tense shoulders and tense muscles. The recommended time of stay in the saltwater pool is 15-30 minutes.

Indoor-Pool at thewellness hotel Pichlmayrgut in Austria
Indoor-Pool Hotel Pichlmayrgut

Pure relaxation at Pichlmayrgut

For longer stays it is recommended you find a spot in the whirlpool. The many massage jets will treat your skin, your muscles and your metabolism. Are your muscles a bit sore from skiing or mountain biking? Then treat yourself with a good soak in the whirlpool. The warm water and perfectly located jets will provide immediate relief.

The water world at Hotel Pichlmayrgut also offers an indoor pool. It’s located at the south side of the hotel village resort and sports a wonderful glass roof. Greet the sun in the early mornings with blinking eyes or enjoy the view over the pistes of the Reiteralm skiing region on the other side. Just as with all the other wellness areas you will find plenty of resting places. You can either occupy a lounge bed right by the pool or you can visit the relaxation-rooms.

Treat yourself with a relaxing wellness holiday in Schladming, Austria at the Hotel Pichlmayrgut. Send your non-committal request for the timeframes of your choice.