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Petting zoo

Especially for children there can be nothing better than spending time together with animals. Here at the petting zoo Pichlmayrgut they have the chance to play with animals.

Children at the petting zoo on family vacation in Schladming
Petting zoo at the Pichlmayrgut

Living in harmony with animals

Beside the big hotel, also a huge farm is part of the hotel village. In our stables you can meet cows, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses and ponies. Especially children from the cities are not used to the contact to animals, so this is a special highlight for them.

Petting to their heart's content

Here children can play, cuddle with their little friends or only observe their habits. When it gets time for the feeding they help with enthusiasm. This is the best way to enjoy nature and breathe the clear and healthy country air.

The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful grass landscape. In summer the animals can be found directly next to the hotel on the range land. During the warm summer time the cows will stay at our own alp in Filzmoos. Here they can spend their time surrounded by lush grassland and crystal clear mountain air. The stable for our little animals is situated directly behind the hotel approximately 50 meters away. So it is possible to make a short visit whenever the children want.

Childcare in the great outdoors

A special highlight are guided riding lessons with our ponies, which take place on request. The children learn how to treat the animals and take responsibility for them. The parents have the opportunity to stay at the wellness area while the child care looks for the children. They hear funny stories and when they come back they have much to report and can tell the latest news of the day.

Observe and pet young animals

A special highlight is when the petting zoo grows and the smallest inhabitants of the stable tentatively explore their environment. There can’t be much more beautiful things than watching the little calves, goats or guinea pigs while they grow up.

Visit the petting zoo at the Pichlmayrgut. Our animals are looking forward to you and your gentle strokes. A no-obligation holiday enquiry takes you one step closer to the cute animals at the Pichlmayrgut.