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Regional treasures

Herb garden

Who wants to be spoiled at the Hotel Pichlmayrgut in a culinary way can enjoy the plates with good conscience because we only serve food of the best quality.

For our executive chef Michael Ferstl, the regional and seasonal cuisine is very important. The signs of the international cuisine show that these facts are significant. This has also been told at the last international cooking exhibition (IKA). At the Hotel Pichlmayrgut we have already standardized this fundamental trend.

Organic food products from the region at Hotel Pichlmayrgut in Austria
Regional products in our cuisine

Local organic products

We take a major part of the meat from our own organic farming. So the guests can always be sure about the origins of our basic products. Many products that are processed in the kitchen are obtained from the local farmers. But not only for meat and sausage products the quality is the most important factor, we want to provide this high standard in all our areas.

We want you to have a good start into the morning, our breakfast buffet consists of fully organic products like milk from the farmers. The spreads are refined with fresh herbs from our own garden, and the fruits of our fruit trees provide the necessary vitamins. Also the different sorts of cakes and pies are improved with fresh fruits. Since last summer you can also enjoy fresh char from our own fish basin which will be specially catched and prepared for you.

Seasonal dishes & sustainability

The dishes in our À la carte menu are predominantly prepared with seasonal products. You might wonder why we decided to take such fussiness, but for us it was always clear, that we want the best quality for our guests. Fruits and vegetables have more taste and they are more aromatic when they are ripe. Many important ingredients get lost during a long storage. By this way we can guarantee 100% freshness, a high standard and sustainability of all our products. This assurance protects us from genetic changed foods which have been discussed recently by the media. Further we supply an important contribution for environmentalism with short transportation routes.

Convince yourself and try the unique culinary creations which connects best quality with high cuisine. Reserve your room at the 4 star Hotel Pichlmayrgut in Styria today or send us a non-binding holiday request.