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Schladming Dachstein Region

Spring, summer, autumn & winter vacations in Schladming, Austria

Schladming is the epicentre of an unbelievably beautiful holiday region in Styria, Austria. Your summer holiday at Hotel Pichlmayrgut will let you experience the region Schladming-Dachstein in all of its beauty and splendour.

Holidays in Austria
Summer-time in the Schladming-Dachstein Region

The mountain landscape surrounding Schladming in Austria is a totally unique habitat. When holidaying in Austria over the winter or the summer one will see the many faces of the region's natural beauty. All your activities will bring you in contact with a rather special species found in the Schladming region: The Styrians. They have a few rough edges but they are honest, charming and very down to earth. Get to know this intriguing culture, when holidaying at Hotel Pichlmayrgut. You won’t find anything like it ever again.

Quality is the defining attribute of your holiday destination in Austria. The clean air, the clear water in mountain streams, the perfectly designed sports facilities and of course the delicious food – pure lust for life is felt simply everywhere. And Hotel Pichlmayrgut is no exception to this rule - only the best for you is what you can expect during your stay in Styria, Austria.

Factsheet – Summer and Winter paradise Schladming-Dachstein region, Austria


Hiking trails & Trekking routes

1.000 km

Cycling paths & Mountain biking routes

500 km

Nordic Walking & Running

45 routes

Golf courses


Climbing areas


Mountain lakes

approx. 300

Waterfalls in all sizes

approx. 100

Farmed Alps and mountain taverns

over 50

Outdoor sports and exercise in the fresh alpine air are part of a healthy lifestyle in Schladming. For your holiday in Styria, Austria you will find premium sports and leisure activity offers to choose from. Whether you like hiking, cycling & mountain biking, playing golf or any of the endless number of activities available – Schladming has the best quality in all of these summer leisure activities. Now all you have to do is choose how you want to spend your holiday time. 

You will get many new impressions from your holiday in Schladming, Austria. The various destinations for day-trips and excursions will lead you to breathtaking natural scenery. Numerous summer events make sure that Schladming lives up to its fantastic reputation as a top summer holiday destination in Austria.

Winter paradise Schladming-Dachstein region
Winter vacations in Schladming, Austria

Whether you are coming for a family holiday, a holiday with friends, just the two of you or a single holiday – Schladming and the Hotel Pichlmayrgut in lovely Austria will excite you.
Ready for a fantastic summer or winter break in Styria, Austria? Then send us your non-committal request for a summer or winter holiday offer straight away.