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Body Treatments

Body treatments at „Das LaLaBella Cosmetic”

Spa Treatments for your well-being
Recreation & Wellness in Schladming

In everyday life your body is frequently the neglected „workpiece“ that just has to carry you from one day to the next one. At least during your holiday you should put more attention to your well-being. Manicure, pedicure, peeling and face treatments – allow yourself something very special. Your whole appearance will get something very special and a new and enchanting effect.

Body treatments (just for women)


Special body peeling

with natural oils and base powder for tightened and smooth skin.

20 min

€ 39.--

Treatments for hand and foot


Cosmetical manicure


€ 40.--

Cosmetical manicure "Perfect hands"

with extra hand peeling


€ 55.--

"Perfect hands" single treatment


€ 15.--

"Warm hands"

Relaxing hand massage with warm lavender oil


€ 39.--

Cosmetical pedicure

  € 40.--

Cosmetical pedicure with nail polish


€ 45.--

Cosmetical pedicure "perfect feet"


€ 55.--

"Perfect feet" single treatment


€ 15.--

"Warm feet"

Relaxing feet massage with warm lavender oil


€ 39.--

Nail polish


€ 15.--


Day Make-up

€ 35.--

Evening Make-up

€ 60.--

Make-up for special occasions € 80.--

„Happy make-up“ – make-up party

Learn in informal ambience, among familiar faces how to use special artifices to emphasize your assets. Another advantage ist, you can take the proper make-up products directly home.

prize upon agreement (approx. 50 min.)

Combination treatments


Just for me“

Face and decolleté massage and nurturing hand treatment

50 min.

€ 65.--

From tip to toe“

Enjoy the luxury of a face and decolleté massage with following body peeling. We will spoil you from tip to toe

60 min.

€ 69.--

You realize it, don’t you? The time is ripe for a special beauty day at the wellness hotel Pichlmayrgut! Fix your beauty appointment and your room with a nonbinding holiday request.