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Travelling by train

Travelling to Hotel Pichlmayrgut by train

Travel in relaxation to Schladming and do something for the environment whilst doing so. A driver from the Hotel Pichlmayrgut will pick you up from the train station in Schladming.

The closest train station serviced by fast trains for the Hotel Pichlmayrgut is Schladming. Choose the train station which offers the best connection for you. At the train station taxis are available. Of course you can also make use of the shuttle service. Please inform the hotel team of your arrival times in good time.

By train you will ride on fantastic routes with great views through eye-catching landscapes in Austria. You will reach Schladming well-rested. To make sure a room is available at Hotel Pichlmayrgut send a no-obligation request just now.


ÖBB - Austrian train timetables
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