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Wine cellar, Wine shop & Vineyard - Hotel Pichlmayrgut, Austria

Hotel Pichlmayrgut in Schladming provides a vineyard at their own in Gamlitz at South-Styria. There wine-sorts grow and are prepared to special wines which you can enjoy at the Hotel-Restaurant in Pichl near Schladming.

Wine tasting at Hotel Pichlmayrgut near Schladming
Wine tasting in Schladming

One of those rather fine wines is the Sauvignon Blanc from the own vineyard from family Steiner, which is situated in Gamlitz in the south of Styria. This particular grape variety has received international attention lately. Styria, in the south-east of Austria, is seen as one of the best regions for Sauvignon Blanc, especially since the more aromatic and intensive wines are succeeding on an international level. Styria in Austria offers perfect conditions with the special climate and the perfect soil required for growing Sauvignon Blanc.

The continental conditions lead to strong differences in temperatures. During summer it is very warm and even hot, during winter it gets rather cold. Also, the differences in temperature between day and night are quite extreme. But the location south of the Alps and the orientation towards the south also come through. The Mediterranean influence helps with a softening of the extremes. The comparatively high rainfall levels provide fresh minerals for the schist.

The results are absolutely delicious – but only available at Hotel Pichlmayrgut near Schladming in Austria. The hotel’s own Sauvignon Blanc comes across as opulent, with body and extract. The acid level and aroma depth will convince you. Overall we find an intensive, spicy, fruity Sauvignon Blanc.

Not only the fine wines of the own vineyard can be tasted at the Pichlmayergut! There is also a broad selection of austrian and international wines which is waiting for you at your hotel village. 

Our wine card is also available as an app. Get our offers on your Iphone and Ipad and look through our excellent selection!

You can download the app here:

Pichlmayrgut wine app

Are you a wine lover? Then you should make your way to Schladming in Austria. At the Hotel Pichlmayrgut you will enter a wine lovers’ paradise. Best send a non-committal request for your room straight away.